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Smart and Clean Energy

Welcome to Future Energy Solutions

Future Energy Solutions: Smart Grid, Solar Energy, Home Area Network, and Energy Harvesting

Future Energy Solutions is a leading provider of components, engineering solutions and system solutions vital to companies engaged in Green Tech product development and production.

The drive for our company is the global need to reduce carbon emissions and become more energy efficient. Future Energy Solutions applies its engineering knowledge, global position, supply chain expertise and financial strength to help the world reduce energy consumption, embrace renewable energy generation and build a more sustainable future.

Solar Energy: Photovoltaic energy for our increasing energy needs.

Renewable energy sources such as solar energy have moved quickly in the past 5-10 years from small scale environmentalist photovoltaic solar projects to mainstream sustainable sources of solar energy. This migration to solar energy has been accelerated by increasing fossil fuel costs, increasing electricity costs and environmental concerns. These motivators have converged with technological advancements in solar cells efficiency quickly closing in on ‘Grid Parity’ where renewable solar electric power costs the same as resource based electricity generation. Find out more about how we can help you with your solar projects or contact us.

The Smart Grid: Smart Meters & Smart Grid Technology

The Smart Grid is a complex, networked electric grid that is able to monitor, predict, and react to changing conditions on the electric grid. It also provides a network to track electricity generation, distribution, and consumption down to an individual home or business. The Smart Grid is evolving from our existing grid network to create an intelligent network in order to integrate alternative energy, electric vehicles and allow for grid interconnections to provide power when and where needed without cascading failures. We can help with your Smart Grid application today. Take a look at our Smart Grid products or contact us.

Home Area Network (HAN): The Smart Home

The Home Area Network (HAN) is the idea of being able to remotely monitor and control a home thus making it a smart home connected to the smart grid. A smart home has been a mainstay of science fiction for decades but now it’s becoming a reality. Your Home Area Network (HAN) is no longer only about internet access. Find out more about Home Area Network products or contact us.

Energy Harvesting: Alternative Power Sources

Alternative energy sources such as solar energy currently power larger power using systems and products such as construction signs. Hand held electronics continue to advance at an astonishing rate, freeing us from a tethered lifestyle or working environment. The only downside is the reliance on the availability of an energy source for recharging. Green, sustainable energy sources of electric power are available all around these portable electronics using Energy Harvesting. Find out more about how you can power your products using Energy Harvesting or contact us.

Introducing the Energy Harvesting Module from EnOcean - The ESK300C starter kit from EnOcean includes a variety of energy converters and modules enabling the effortless creation of energy-autonomous wireless sensors transmitting on 315MHz.